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1、Service content
(1) Prepare personalized health medicinal food for customers
   According to the customer's personal physique or personal health needs, deploy and prepare health medicinal food drinks at the spot for customer.
(2) Prepare natural health medicinal food drinks at the spot for customer
   Using fresh pure natural raw material to prepare health medicinal food drinks at the spot for customer

2、Target market customers
(1) Retail customers
   a. Consumers who pays attention to health
   b. Consumers who likes the new drink
(2) Wholesale customer
   a. Supermarkets
   b. Small grocery
   c. All kinds of restaurants
(3) The online order customers
   a. On-line order
   b. Door-to-door service

3、 the core technology
(1) Artificial intelligence personalized health medicinal food drinks automation selection technology
   Choose health medicinal food drinks meets individual needs for the customer, according to the customer's personal physiological characteristics and personal health needs.
(2) Automation health medicinal food drinks artificial intelligence preparation technology
   Use the automation program that has been designed, can prepare thousands of health medicinal food drinks
(3) Ultrasonic laser pure natural drink cold sterilization technology
   Use ultrasound and laser synergy to kill all kinds of microorganisms, prepare health medicinal food drinks at the spot.

4、Shop address and business area
(1) City whose traffic is convenient or around large life uptown
(2) Business area is 100-200 square metre
(3) Facade room, the traffic is convenient
(4) Mark is obvious, the surrounding environment is good

5、Equipment for opening a shop
(1) Artificial intelligence personalized health medicinal food drinks experts auxiliary selection system
   Automation choose intelligent software which is suitable for personal physiological characteristics and the health needs
(2) Intelligent personalized health medicinal food drinks automatic preparation system
   The computer's built-in a variety of automation program can automatically prepare thousands of different types of health medicinal food drinks.
(3) Ultrasound laser natural drink cold sterilization system
   Intelligent automation procedure control, can kill different types of pathogenic bacteria in the drinks
(4) Franchisee management system
   Automation management the routine operations, finance, personnel, marketing, purchasing of the franchisee.
(5) Refrigerator, freezer, shelves, counter, tables and chairs

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