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The Golden group has many of the world's leading advanced technology, among them 'watermelon juice automation production technology "and" fresh-squeezed juice production technology "are original in global. They are the world's leading green food processing technology, the classic technology of completely changing traditional fruit juice industry production. It is processed in the low temperature, anaerobic, sterile environment, without additive. This is real fresh-squeezed watermelon juice and other types of fresh fruit juice without disinfection at high temperature and high pressure.

Company develops 'food cold sterilization technology "and" drug cold sterilization technology'. They use original focused ultrasound and pulse laser integration of composite cold sterilization technology to obtain ideal sterilization effect in the low temperature environment. This can get a perfect sterilization effect, but at the same time, do not destroy food and drug physical characters and chemical composition. This completely changes traditional production level in these two industries, and it is the most advanced technology of truly green food production industry.

'Intelligent three-dimensional beautiful technology ", "intelligent ultrasound de-fatting technology", "focused ultrasound de-fatting technology" which are developed by Golden group are the most advanced hairdressing fitness technology in today's world. It sets the global dozens of the most advanced beauty model body, de-fatting lose weight technology on the same platform, through the artificial intelligence experts system auxiliary to achieve hairdressing fitness choice and control operations by intelligent. It designs the most suitable personalized hairdressing fitness program according to the different groups of personalized to obtain the most ideal beauty effect.

'Intelligent cooking "and" intelligent robot medicinal preparation technology ""Aromatic leptin technology "and" personalized multidimensional weight loss technical are the most international leading technology of reducing weight. "Healthy entertainment technology "is a biological engineering technology in the reflection of artificial intelligence system.are the perfect union of artificial intelligence and personalized health technology.

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