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Golden intelligent cooking robot factory, exclusive invest and holding by the Golden group in United States, is modern green health intelligent cook equipment factory, professional research, develop, produce intelligent Chinese cooking robots and intelligent medicinal food preparation equipment, has very strong research and development and production capacity, gathered a large number of world class engineering experts and health experts.

"Intelligent cooking robot" which is produced by the factory, is the model of Chinese food automation, standardized production preparation technology, with the intelligent control, can automatic produce and prepare hundreds kinds of Chinese style cook food whose taste is pure , the formula is healthy, nutrition is rich. It is suitable for all kinds of fast food agency to use, such as offices, schools, the company cafeteria and chain Chinese food.

"Health intelligent beauty soup preparation system", which is produced by the factory, is the organic combination crystal of Chinese medicinal food technology, artificial intelligence technology and automation control technology, can choose and prepare more than three thousands kinds of health beautiful medicinal food soup, according to customers' different physique, different health needs and different flavors.

"Intelligent nourishing thin body drink preparation system", which is produced by the factory, uses the most advanced technology, according to the customer's different physique and different health needs, automatic choose nearly 2000 kinds of tea, coffee, soy milk, and other personalized health drinks for the customer.

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