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1. Entertainment health new concept

   Promote personal health test, health education, health training, health management and health results evaluation in the form of entertainment.

   In the form of the combining the entertainment and the health, entertainment can stimulate individual interest to promote health. For the purpose of health, plan as a whole all kinds of entertainment.

   Implement personalized health training in the form of personalized entertainment

   Join the competition mechanism into health activities, induce the health trainer to show more interest in the form of competition.

   To improve the fun of health with entertainment, guide entertainment activities with health.

   Get rid of the past drab pattern of health training, develop a set of entertainment health new mode which is effective, practical and effective, lively and interesting.

   To guide health training in type of personalized entertainment with stereo health and the energy theory, form a set of effective health entertainment system and method.

   Construct theory, methods, equipments, services and all kinds of products of health care with entertainment type.

2. The basic structure

   Collect and amplify, physiological signal, e/D conversion, processing module.

   Complete the collection, amplification, regulation, e/D conversion, analysis, processing, calculation and output functions of physical signal.

   Physiological signal control module.

   Transfer the physiological signal that has been treated, calculated into a control instruction, D/e conversion, change into simulation control signal which is needed for automatic control

   Automatic control implementation module

   Simulate output current and voltage through the automatic control, to control performs device.


  Automatic control implementation device operates and controls entertainment device.

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