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Golden BSC is international first-class human partial weight-loss professional institutions, which is created by Golden group in United States, based on "personalized multidimensional partial de-fatting model body theory ", which is created by Mr Golden, apply original new high-tech equipments, such as "focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system", "rf LPG de-fatting model body system", "frozen fat crystallization de-fatting model body system", "ice electricity rf lifts model body system", with the help of " intelligent partial de-fatting fitness expert system", design individualized local de-fatting fitness program for customers, according to customers' physique, distribution of subcutaneous fat, get ideal partial soluble fat model body effect, not only is suitable for obese people, but also more suitable for partial adipose accumulation because of age increasing or after pregnancy childbirth(abdomen, thighs, waist) to partial de-fatting model body, is widely welcomed by the middle-aged customers and the women after childbirth.

Golden BSC has the international most cutting-edge partial de-fatting model body technology and equipment, is operated personally by a professional training consultant,for treatment management adopting international leading monitoring and management system to treat and manage. It is international first-class partial de-fatting lose weight professional institutions which has the most ideal effect in partial de-fatting model body, the most perfect service, is praised and welcomed by global customers.

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