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Aromatic leptin lose weight technology, which is original created in global,is a new revolutionary concept of losing weight. To adjust suppress appetite through the aromatic leptin, naturally decrease absorption of food quantity, to achieve the effective long-term weight loss.

Clinical study finds that patients who lose sense of smell generally appear the trend of gaining weight. This may because after they lose the sense of smell, their sense of taste function reduce, can not well taste the food flavor and fragrance. This lead to overeating, gain weight finally. These patient who lose sense of smell, restore their sense of smell function after treatment, they soon reduce natural extra weight. After this clinical phenomenon bizarre has been in-depth researched, we found some natural food can effectively suppress appetite with fragrant component. We extracted this kind of composition from natural food. It is aromatic substances with volatile characteristics and exists in natural food. We call it leptin fragrance. It can effectively restrain the human’s appetite, so as to lose weight. Aromatic leptin can affect our sense of hunger and the amount of food that we consume through smell.

There are 3193 obese people attend the large clinical trials using aromatic Clinical trials showed that the application of aromatic leptin can effectively control appetite and lose weight.leptin to reduce weight, and the result turns that each obese people lose 15% weight on average within six months, the greatest reducing weight is 50kg.

A double-blind clinical trial with carefully monitor confirms the good effect of fragrant leptin in reducing appetite and losing weight. In the implementation of the double blind clinical trials, the test group gets a container similar to lipstick full of aromatic leptin, when you open it, aromatic leptin is released. When they want to inhaled aromatic leptin, open the container, try hardly to smell, inhale aromatic leptin in container, and asking them to pay attention to feel their appetite change and to experience the feeling of weight loss.

Give the contrast group the same container, not one of them full of aromatic leptin, but with the ordinary fragrance instead. Also ask them to smell when they want to. Both two groups can open container to smell at any time, especially the more they are full, the more they need to smell.The test group has 105 people, also does the control group. The test lasts two weeks. After that, the test group who smells aromatic leptin, loses weight about 1kg on average. Some of the person who has sensitive smell, weight drops about 2-2.5kg. But the weight of contrast group does not change significantly.

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