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"Multidimensional de-fatting model body technology" and "personalized de-fatting model body model", which is created by Mr Golden, combine with application of artificial intelligence technology, use the global leading "focused ultrasound de-fatting model body technology" and "cold laser de-fatting technology" and "frozen fat crystallization weight-loss techniques" and "rf de-fatting technology " as tools, "intelligent de-fatting fitness expert system "as a platform, creats the world's leading "intelligent de-fatting model body technology ". According to different types of customers’ subcutaneous fat distribution characteristics, it can automatically choose multidimensional local de-fatting fitness program for customers. In the shortest time period, with the most reasonable resources, it makes the customer get the best local de-fatting perfect effect, at the same time, will not damage surrounding normal tissues, no pain, no side effects, is the most advanced local de-fatting model body technology in today's world. According to the technology , 'intelligent de-fatting model body system' has been researched and developed. It is widely welcome, professionals think highly of it.

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