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The Golden group has developed many international advanced patented equipments, among them the "Fresh-squeezed juice of automatic production line" and "watermelon juice automatic production line for global "are original, are the world's leading equipment, can automaticly produce various types of fresh juice and fresh squeezed watermelon juice.

"Food cold sterilization system "and" drug cold sterilization system" are the cold sterilization only equipments using the combination of focused ultrasound and intense pulsed light in the world. It can be widely used in the food processing and pharmaceutical industry.Provide the most advanced production equipment for hot effect of green food processing and hot effect of pharmaceutical production.

"Intelligent three-dimensional beauty system" and "Super energy induction system" and "Super energy two-way transmission system" are the most advanced platform of artificial intelligence multidimensional hairdressing fitness technology in the world, combined with the most advanced technology all over the world such as ultrasound, laser, rf and beauty model body. It is preferred hairdressing fitness equipment for all kinds of beauty salon, cosmetology organization.

"Focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system" is the best partial no wound de-fatting weight-loss equipment in the world, using the non- traumatic focused ultrasound. It can effectively dissolve local fat, at the same time, will not damage the surrounding normal tissues.

"Personalized multidimensional lose weight system "and" Fragrant leptin products" are  products of new concept in the whole body weight loss in today's international society. It can guide customers to implement more effective weight loss.

"Intelligent cooking robot "and" Intelligent robot medicinal preparation system "are the world's most advanced artificial intelligence automation health food processing equipment.

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