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Food cold sterilization system is the most efficient equipment in green food processing market all over the world, and demand is huge. Although the traditional high temperature and high pressure steam disinfection technology can effectively kill the remaining pathogenic bacteria in food, but at the same time, it not only destroy the flavour of food, affect the physical appearance of food, but also undermine a variety of nutrition in food.

After many years of research and development, using food cold sterilization system that are combinate with focused ultrasound and pulse laser, using the combination of powerful sound wave and the waves of light, it can effectively kill as high as 10 logarithm all kinds of pathogenic bacteria in food and food packaging material in the lowand normal temperature environment. It can be widely used in the fresh juice production and food with thermal effect processing.

In many fields, such as green food processing, high-grade canned food processing, fresh fruit vacuum food processing, the Golden group is the world's leading equipment manufacturers in green food processing. The company can comprehensively provide food cold sterilization, set of equipment of food cold sterilization and food cold sterilization application solutions. Guiding different types of food processing enterprise, innovates and develops kinds of green foods in new concept.

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