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"Personalized stereo beautiful theory "and" stereo beautiful technology model', which are created by Mr Golden, are combined with many hairdressing fitness technology, such as artificial intelligence technology and advanced ultrasound, laser, rf ,etc. With industrial PC as the platform, installed "stereo beautiful experts auxiliary system" software, it is an original creation about intelligent three-dimensional beautiful technology, through testing different customers’ skin characteristic and subcutaneous fat distribution, it can automatically design personalized hairdressing fitness program for customers, and customize for different customers in the design of the body for its feature hairdressing fitness plan. This can not only obviously improve beauty perfect effect, reduce unnecessary charges, but also through the combination of a variety of action relative beauty model body technology, make customer get a more obvious health beautiful effect with less cost. This is a global the first of the artificial intelligence hairdressing fitness technology, and the world of artificial intelligence original beauty model body system. It can fully satisfy the publics’ growth demand for health and beauty.

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