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1、Business content

(1) Sell fresh and tender beef, pork, lamb, chicken—health tender meat food
   a. No hormone residues, sterile, no virus
   b. More fresh and tender than the ordinary meat above 50%
(2) Basin dish tie-in sale with meat food
   a.All kinds of fresh vegetables, tie-in with meat mud, diced meat, filet
   b. Vacuum packaging, sterile disinfection, storage life is at least a month
   c. Marked with the heat (calories) values, nutrition element
  d. Meat food is cleaned by ultrasound , do not contain any hormone; Vegetables are cleaned by ultrasound , do not contain any residual chemical fertilizer
   e. Meat food is processed by ultrasound laser tender meat sterilization, do not contain bacteria, more tender than common meat 50%.

2、Target market customers

(1) Retail customers
   a. Facing the general customers, mainly is aims at the upscale consumers
   b. The most attractive customers are people who value the quality of life and personal health
(2) Wholesale customer
   a. Ordinary restaurant
   b. Institutions, schools, and the company cafeteria
   c. Super market
   d. Markets of agricultural products
(3) The online order customers
   a.On-line order
   b. Door-to-door service

3、 the core technology

(1) Ultrasonic laser cooperation fresh meat sterilization technology
   Process fresh meat sterilization, using multi-frequency focused ultrasound and pulse laser joint cooperation to kill more than 99% bacteria and other pathogenic microorganisms, at the same time, improve tender degree of the meat more than50%.
(2) Multi-frequency multidimensional ultrasonic cleaning technology
   Use Multi-frequency multidimensional ultrasonic cleaning to remove meat food internal hormone and dirt, at the same time, fully eliminate organic pesticides and chemical fertilizers on the fruits or vegetables surface, and kill pathogenic bacteria.

4、Join rules

(1) Put forward league application to headquarters
(2) After Headquarters’ approval, both sides sign the join contract
(3) Premises that franchisee have found needs approval of headquarters
(4) Decorate according to drawing that headquarters provides
(5) Headquarters provides equipment lease, equipment sale or equipment investment
(6) Headquarters provides full training and operation instruction for franchisee
(7) Franchisee shares the advertising fund of headquarters

5、Shop address and business area

(1) Around large life uptown
(2) Around large markets of agricultural products
(3) Business area is 100-200 square metre
(4) Facade room, the traffic is convenient
(5) Mark is obvious, the surrounding environment is good

6、Equipment and software management system for opening a shop

(1) Intelligent ultrasonic fruit and vegetable meat cleaning machine
   a. For fruit, vegetable and meat cleaning
   b. All the cleaning process is finished by computer built-in automation control program
   c. Design corresponding automation control procedures for different types of vegetables, meat products
(2) Intelligent ultrasound laser sterilization fresh meat machine
   a. Used in sterilization and tender meat processing of various types of meat food
   b. Finish all the sterilization fresh meat process by using computerized automation intelligent program
   c. Design corresponding automation control procedures for different types of meat products
(3) Meat segmentation equipment
   a. Shredded meat machine, filet machine
(4) Vegetables segmentation equipment
   a. Food cuisine machine
(5) Food packaging equipment
   a. Vacuum packaging machine
(6) Labels, bar code equipment
   a. Labeling machines and bar code machine
(7) Franchisees computer management system
   a. Includes business management, financial management, technology management, marketing management, and other subsystems
   b. Internal management procedures and automation in franchisee
(8) Measuring tool
   a. Various scales, electronic scales
(9) Refrigeration equipment
   a. Refrigerators, freezers
(10) Shelves and counter
   a. Stainless steel shelves and counter
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