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"The second energy theory" and "super energy induction technology model", which is created by Mr Golden, who is the founder of Golden group, Combined with biological engineering technique, biological signal collection and analysis technology, and the advanced ultrasound laser, electromagnetic and light wave induction technology, with industrial PC as a platform, with 'super energy induced experts auxiliary system', induce through the breath, waves, assist human body in quickly entering 'super energy states'. It not only helps individuals into the deep relaxation state, regulating the balance of plant nerve system internal body, through a variety of power, induce the human body into coordination state with transmission of the external energy. It is more conducive to dramatically absorb the second energy which the human body needs. Add the shortage of the second energy, it is beneficial to human body's health.

Super energy guidance system can be used as a platform, used with all kinds of health equipment, physical therapy equipment, biological energy equipment, hairdressing fitness equipment, improved the beautiful healthy effect of a single device.

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