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China's food culture is really profound, with a long history. But Chinese food preparation tools are multifarious, it is hard to use the same standard procedures. So it can't satisfy the demand for modern social food processing and modern catering industry development. It is more and more urgent for the market needs automation equipments which can be able to be automaticly produce and make Standardized Chinese food.

The Golden grope is the first to apply the ultrasonic technology to kinds of food’s automation cleaning, meat tenderizer, food disinfection disinfection and food homogeneous enrichment. Based on this, combined with artificial intelligence technology and automation technology, Golden grope develops new concept intelligent robot technology, intelligent manufacturing, prepares many types of standardized Chinese food using automation equipment. build platform for Chinese food standardization processes. It not only widely used in offices, schools, enterprises and institutions dining room, is also suitable for healthy Chinese restaurant chain institutions and Chinese restaurant applications, provides overall solutions for Chinese restaurant industry, promotes Chinese food culture to spread and popularize all over the world.

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