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"Drug cold sterilization project" which is provided by Golden group in the United States, for each type of production enterprises of global pharmaceutical production industry, is "drug cold sterilization overall solutions" for enterprise of processing and producing hot effect of chiral drugs, biological pharmaceutical and biological reagent. It is suitable for all kinds of drug processing enterprise producing and processing various types of meeting the trend of the new health of drugs, such as hot effect medicine, packaging type biotechnology products, various types of biological reagent.

"Drug cold sterilization project" is tailor made set of food cold sterilization equipment for all kinds of different pharmaceutical enterprise. According to the special requirements of different enterprise, matching up and using with the original production equipment, according to the demand of customer and the characteristics of existing equipment, specially designed and custom made for the customer. Its core part is the focus ultrasonic cold sterilization subsystem, multi-frequency composite ultrasound cold sterilization automation control, assemble intelligence operation drug cold sterilization production automation line with the drug production equipments which client have has to realize clients' equipment comprehensive quickly update, help customers put new health drug on the market with quick speed.

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