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   The Golden group of United States is an international first-class leading manufacturer in green food processing equipment industry. With many of the world's leading patent technology, it develops a variety of unique new high-tech products. With leading technology of green food cold sterilization in the global, it develops the unique watermelon juice production line and the fresh juice automatic production line, to provide our clients with a variety of fresh and rich in nutrition fruit juice.

   Mr Golden who is the founder of the Golden group application company , inaugurates personalized stereo beautiful theory, personalized multidimensional health theory and personalized weight-loss techniques on multidimensional, also creates many new ideas hairdressing fitness equipments, such as the world's most advanced intelligent three-dimensional beauty system, super energy beauty model body system, and so on. He initiates artificial intelligence professional beauty model body system. This will turn commercialized hairdressing fitness technology evolution into professional scientific beauty model body standard system.

   At the same time Golden group is the world's leading manufacturer of focused ultrasound de-fatting model body equipment, intelligent robot, many new ideas to cook healthy equipment. A variety of the core technology of the industry has been reduced to the whole trade solutions. It combines many international joined chain institutions by mode of joined chain business. It is more the operators of the industry to provide a full range of technology.

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