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img Core technology-The fresh juice production technology


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In fruit juice processing industry , traditional sterilization technology is using high temperature and high pressure steam to disinfect. Although it can kill most germs, But high temperature and high pressure can destroy fruit juice taste, texture and flavor, as well as physical properties, and it would have destroyed a large number of nutrition ingredient, such as vitamin and biological active enzyme, etc.

The fresh juice production technology which is using the original sound and light cold sterilization technology and intelligent automatic production technology, is to automaticly smash, Squeeze, filter, separate, filtrate and sterilize fruit in the cold temperature, anaerobic, sterile environment, automaticly package in sound and light sterilization environment. It can produce many kinds of fresh fruit juice, not only to retain the original flavor and taste the fruit, and would not destroy nutrition ingredient, such as fruit vitamins and biological active enzyme, etc. It doesn't need to add any artificial additives, can be in room temperature or low temperature environment for long-term preservation. It is a deeply customers like the pure natural green food, and has a broad market prospect. In raw material production the fruit can be directly produced, processed, and this would cut fruit juice processing and transportation costs.

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