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Focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system applies American Golden Group LLC original patent technology, dissolves local subcutaneous fat with no traumatic, at the same time, no damage to the neighboring non-fat normal tissue. With the application of focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction technology can get the same perfect effect with traumatic liposuction surgery, but needs no anesthesia, no surgery, no pain, no complications, do not need to recovery, and get immediate effect in reducing partial weight.

Its good effect have been tested and verified by many authoritative clinical medical center. After each treatment, you can reduce the abdomen circumference or waist circumference at least 2 ~ 5 cm. After three treatments, you can reduce at least 7 ~ 10 cm. The area of partial lose weight are smooth, the effect lasts long, will not rebound and recrudesce, each noninvasive liposuction service lasts about one hour, without pain or other uncomfortable feelings, effect rapidly presents, is the best revolutionary solutions in no wound partial weight- loss with good effect.

Global original noninvasive liposuction treatment, which is provided by focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system,it is the only revolutionary high-tech which has good effect in reducing weight among the no wound partial weight- loss services at present.

It uses focus ultrasonic transducer which is elaborately designed to launch focus ultrasonic, whose focal spot is located in subcutaneous fat tissue,special modulation frequency ultrasound and carefully designed pulse energy, selectively rupture cell membrane of subcutaneous fat, lead to dissolve partial fat, and does no damage to the nearby normal tissue.

Composition of Focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system--FUCP I type system

The advanced treatment navigation system

Under the guidance of the real-time treatment navigation system, FUCP I type system Launch focused ultrasound treatment bundle with uniform distribution in reservation treatment area, in order to ensure the area of partial weight- loss treatment is uniform and smooth. It will not launch ultrasonic outside the scheduled therapeutic part, also therapeutic part can't receive two exposure treatment ultrasound beams. Special design of the ultrasonic treatment real-time navigation system can preset therapeutic range and treatment area, the preset software program ensures that preset treatment process according to the predetermined treatment plan. Preset equations in software ensure that ultrasound treatment beams launch to the entire treatment area. The possibility of irregular treatment can be reduced to a minimum.

Focus ultrasonic transducer

Focus ultrasonic transducer launches focused ultrasound beam to subcutaneous fat layer, the specially designed, predefined ultrasound parameters ensure that only fat cells of the therapeutic part subcutaneous can be dissolved, other surrounding tissues, such as blood vessels, nerve, connective tissue will not be damaged. Handheld ultrasonic transducer applies human body engineering design is convenient for therapists to use.

System console and stent

Ultrasonic amplification unit, ultrasonic generator unit and cooling system are placed in system console shell. All the programs are controlled by computer, stents contains lighting unit, the camera, tracking unit, shows in LCD screen, controls through the panel.

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