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The Golden group in United States integrates many world's leading technology withproprietary intellectual property rights, develop overall solutions for various industries, is suitable for various industries to directly apply.

• "Food cold sterilization project" provides the total solution which is simple application of cold food sterilization in food processing industry.

 • "Medicine cold sterilization project" and "compound ultrasonic drug extraction project" are used in pharmaceutical industry.

 • "The fresh juice production project" and "watermelon juice production project" provides green fruit juice production comprehensive solution for fruit juice processing industry.

•  "Multi-frequency composite ultrasound extract project in plants, animals, essence " are used in health care production industry.

•  "Ultrasonic tender meat processing project" and "ultrasound cool cutting meat processing project" are suitable for meat processing industry.

•  "Ultrasound food processing project" are suitable for food processing industry.

•  "Intelligent three-dimensional beauty project" is applied to beauty service industries.

 • "Personalized multidimensional lose weight project" and "intelligent de-fatting model body project" are suitable for weight-loss service industry.

•  "Intelligent cooking robot project" provides comprehensive solutions for the fast food industry.

•  "Intelligent medicinal food preparation project" provides new concept revolutionary change in catering industry.

•  "Super energy induction project", "super energy two-way transmission project" and "healthy entertainment project" provide comprehensive multi-level solutions for the health service industry.

•  "Fragrant leptin project" provides new concept solutions for weight loss products industry.

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