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 • Stereo health research center is an exclusive investment of Golden Group LLC, which owns health technology.

 • With rich high and new technology, new product development experience, and strong development ability, 115 patents, almost hundreds of items non-patent proprietary technology

 • With almost hundreds of items mature new products and new projects, most of them invest, produce, generate profit in the same year, years’ return on investment is more than 30%

 •  With a number of high-tech research experts, who are proficient in clinical medicine and biomedical engineering, health science, nutrition, pharmaceutical engineering and biotechnology

 • Original personalized stereo health theory and the second energy theory, with the two theories as foundation, construct system model and method that is suitable for practical application, based on two theories, develop dozens of biological medicine and health products, design business plan of chain operation about "personalized stereo health center" and "tumor biological medical treatment center"

 • Many experts who is familiar with computer software engineering, electronic engineering, SCM, automatic control, medical instrumentation design, medical sensor design, alone design almost hundreds of items biomedical engineering products, medical instrument, health products

 • A number of professional personnel who is familiar with the enterprise management system, management way, operation methods, many years of study in American medical enterprise and health chain enterprise

 • A number of professional personnel who is familiar with the declaration procedures of biological medicine and health products in many countries,especially the FDA notification procedure and method.

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