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Golden hairdressing fitness equipment factory, exclusive invest and holding by the Golden group in United States, is international leading manufacturer which produces all kinds of high-tech, new concept hairdressing fitness equipment. It has huge research and development technology strength and multidimensional advanced production testing ability. It has ability in researching and developing, testing and mass producing world class hairdressing fitness equipment.

The main core products also includes "Intelligent de-fatting model body system", it is the integrated system of many new local de-fatting model body equipments, such as the focus, ultrasound, laser, rf, biological waves and fat crystallization, etc. It is a new design of intelligent personalized multidimensional partial de-fatting model body complete sets of equipment. It is widely used in professional hospital, cosmetology organization, professional lose weight institutions and SPA institutions, etc.

Series products of "Aromatic leptin ", provided by Golden hairdressing fitness equipment factory, through powerful weapons of smell, effectively help consumers get significant effect in reducing weight.

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