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Golden NHF is international first-class 'health fast food' joining chain institutions, which is created by Golden group in United States, based on " personalized multidimensional health theory ", which is created by Mr Golden, " personalized health diet expert assistance systems " as platform, Group’s original creation "Intelligent cooking robot", "ultrasonic cool cutting meat processing system", "ultrasonic tender meat processing system", "ultrasonic fruit and vegetable intelligence cleaning system" as tool, creat world class health fast food preparation services and disinfection system, according to the different individual physique, healthy characteristics and healthy needs, provide kinds of healthy snack, which is suitable for their own healthy needs and tastes, let the customer enjoy delicious and at the same time, get good health effects, put diet in health, adjust health through the diet.

Golden NHF apply full set of intelligent cook equipment,without kitchen and cook in the store, is the world's first health fast food system with no kitchen and no cook. All food are processed and packaged into semi-finished products by the headquarters distribution center, only need to be heated in intelligence steam can in the local shop. Not only nutrition is rich, and tastes delicious, but also is haunting.

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