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Sterilization of technology of hot effect of drugs is a global technical difficult problem that global pharmaceutical enterprise has to face. At present the lack of the ideal technology solutions prevents a variety of the development and batch production of hot effect drugs. In biological pharmacy field, most biological medicines are protein, enzyme structure, more than 60 ℃ may completely destroy the structure and function of drugs.

Focused ultrasound and intense pulsed and joined with light drug cold sterilization, which is Golden group’s original creation, in room temperature even cold low temperature environment, use powerful focus ultrasonic and pulse and strong light to effectively kill all germs in drugs. At the same time, it will not damage physical and chemical state of drugs. It can be widely used in medicine preparation field, such as biological pharmacy, chemical medicine, various heat effect of pharmaceutical. It can effectively drive the pharmaceutical enterprise to develop and produce more new raw materials of drugs and new drug.

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