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   Golden group, which was registered in American, are professional developers and producers of green food processing equipment, Hairdressing fitness equipment, Health entertainment equipment. It owns more than 150 patents and hundreds of types of all kinds of hi-tech equipment, and sells them in the global many countries through its all over the world's supply and marketing network.

   In order to give more benefit to the customers of different trades, meanwhile producing many high-tech equipments, Golden group concentrates on the research and development more intelligent software and artificial intelligence experts auxiliary system, forms the intelligent solutions of the whole multiple industry. Combined with the new business model joining chain, it develops many chain organizations which give priority to health, including Golden MSF, Golden NHR, HFF, GOLDEN BSC, GOLDEN HSM, GOLDEN HDW, GOLDEN MRB, GOLDEN FMT, GOLDEN HBP, GOLDEN HDS.caomei

   With intelligent experts support system as a platform, intelligent automatic control equipment as a tool, personalized multidimensional weight-loss technology as the foundation Mr Golden founds the personalized multidimensional health theory and the three-dimensional beautiful theory, which fully meets people's strong demand for health of different target market.

   The Golden group of United States is specialized engaged in researching, developing, designing, producing, and selling green food equipment, hairdressing fitness equipment and new health equipment. It is headquartered in the United States, in many other countries it has production factories and supply and marketing agencies. It provides the global market with a variety of advanced technology and equipment in new concept. In the meantime, it also provides multiple industry overall solutions. More international chain institutions which researches and develops new business model in weight-loss, healthy dining are founded.

   The Golden group's production equipment are sold in global, joining chain organizations are created in many countries and regions around the world. And this makes more people in different countries get better health and beauty effect with more reasonable price.

The Golden group is a high new technical enterprise which is based on technology innovation for the leading core. It has many of the world's top health experts and biomedical engineering experts. With hundreds of world leading technology, it has developed many exclusive new industries which are at the world advanced level.

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