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Watermelon is one of the world’s three fruits. It has good value in health and nutrition, and is popular with people in most countries all over the world. But because there is only a month for the watermelon from mature to the cycle of sales picking, the watermelon not picked in time will be abandoned. Due to the hot effect of watermelon, can't use the traditional juice processing technology to produce watermelon juice. Therefore, every year a large number of mature watermelons are wasted. According to the statistics of U.S. agriculture department, about 4 million tons of watermelon waste each year. According to Chinese statistics, about 8 million tons of China watermelon waste in the field each year.

After years of research, Golden group develops set of the global original watermelon juice production line. It can automatically clean and break watermelons, make the peel, flesh, seed to be separated and squeeze juice in anaerobic, sterile, low temperature environment. Deal Watermelon juice with dual cold sterilization processing by using cold sterilization technology of sound and light.And then automatically package in the cold sterilization environment, realize breakthrough of the first set of production fresh-squeezed watermelon juice in human history. It is the first set of automatic production line of watermelon juice production. It can provide fresh-squeezed watermelon juice without any additives, antiseptic, but can be saved for a long time in room temperature or low temperature.

Golden group produces the first set of watermelon juice production line in human history. It will provide the global consumers with real green food which is original, rich in nutrition, without preservatives.

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