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The Chinese medicinal food culture is precious heritage of the Chinese national traditional culture, is very popular with public. But the production procedure is multifarious, not easy for standardization preparation and wide promotion, limit the application of customers.  

Intelligent medicinal food preparation system that is created by Golden group, combined with “artificial intelligence technology”, “modern automatic control technology”' and “ultrasound food processing technology” and “ultrasound Chinese medicine extraction technology” in the same platform. Based on the application of intelligent weight loss beauty soup order system and intelligent thin body drink order system, According to the personal health characteristics, taste preferences, health requirements, etc, the customer can choose medicinal food formula which is suitable for your taste and can give a positive effect of health and beauty. "Automatic intelligent health beautiful soup preparation system "and" automatic intelligent nourishing thin body beverage preparation system" can prepare as many as 2000 types of beauty beautiful soup and as many as 3000 types of drinks, such as fruit juice, tea, coffee, soybean milk for customers. It can be widely used in the restaurant, bar, teahouse, government agencies, schools, etc.

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