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Golden HHF is the international first-class health entertainment joining chain institutions, which is created by Golden group in United States, is health drink chain with healthy entertain- ment equipment, based on " the second ability theory ", which is created by Mr Golden, "super energy induction system" and "super energy two-way transmission system" as foundation, develop kinds of healthy entertainment equipments, let the customer experience entertain- ment , at the same time, regulate personal health, Original "intelligent health beauty soup preparation system" provides nearly three thousands of delicious health and beauty soup, Original "intelligent nourishing thin body beverage preparation system" provides more than 2000 kinds of rich nutritional drinks, such as personalized health fruit juice, coffee, tea, milky tea, milk, soy milk for customers.

This is the original creation of the new concept new business model,it is the integrated system of entertainment, food and relaxing, provide comprehensive entertainment places for the general busy white-collar, where they can just relax, adjust body and mind, have party with good friends, taste delicious foods. It is widely welcomed by the white collar and younger generation customers.

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