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Golden MSF the international first-class weight-loss professional institutions, which is created by Golden group in United States, based on "personalized multidimensional lose weight theory", which is created by Mr Golden, "Golden weight loss technology" as platform, concentrate on the independent development hundreds of professional lose weight test software and lose weight management software, the world first "Basic metabolic rate test system", "burn fat exercise system", "intelligent three-dimensional beauty system", "intelligent de-fatting model body system", form the world first-class personalized multidimensional weight-loss system, which gathers cutting-edge technologies, such as personalized detection, metabolization rate detection, psychological adjustment, behavior modification, diet control, fat burning movement, and aromatic leptin application, local multidimensional de-fatting lose weight , is suitable for different customers with different characteristics to apply to achieve good weight-loss effect.

Golden MSF owns the world's most advanced weight-loss technical equipment, gather the most professional first-class weight-loss experts, adopt the most advanced lose weight management system, on behalf of the international first-class health reducing weight, scientific model body service level, ensure to provide the international first-class service for every customer, guarantee that every customer obtain the most ideal weight-loss effect, tens of thousands of customers’ good and lasting weight-loss effect are the best proof.

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