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Golden focused ultrasound equipment factory, exclusive invest and holding by the Golden group in United States, is ultrasonic equipment professional production factory, not only produce multi-frequency, different types of intelligent ultrasonic power, many different types and different application purpose ultrasonic transducer which are needed by each enterprise internal Golden group, also professional produce ultrasonic equipment with ultrasonic wave as the main application purpose. Its core product is "focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system". It is the world's most advanced no wound de-fatting model body technology, through the laser navigation and intelligent ultrasonic control, launching last frequency and occupies empties compared to focus ultrasonic, effectively dissolve hypodermic adipose organization, at the same time, don't damage surrounding normal tissues. It is suitable for professional medical cosmetology organization, professional beauty model body organization, is widely welcomed by clients.

Click the website of "focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction system", learn more about focused ultrasound noninvasive liposuction technology and its application.

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