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"Multi-frequency composite ultrasound plants, animals, essence extract project", which is provided by Golden group in the United States, for health care products production enterprise and Chinese medicine production enterprise, is the overall technology solutions in high abstraction animal and plant essence for all kinds of health products factory, traditional Chinese medicine factory, biological pharmaceutical factory, Chinese traditional medicine beverage plants, plant essence production factory. It uses a variety of intelligent extraction technology in different frequency of the compound ultrasonic, improves extraction efficiency 5-10 times, reduces 50% of the extraction time, reduces 5% of the extraction cost, is suitable for all kinds of Chinese herbal medicine extraction, plant essence extract, animal ingredients extraction.

The project is tailor made set of ultrasonic extraction equipment for different types of production enterprise. According to the different types of the extraction of raw materials requirements of different enterprise, is specially designed and custom made for the customer. Its core part is multidimensional multi-frequency composite ultrasonic extraction system and automatic extraction production line. Through assembling the above core subsystem with the automated production line that client has had, to reduce the cost of the customer, make customers put new products on the market with the shortest time and least price.

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