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Golden new health equipment factory, exclusive invest and holding by the Golden group in United States, is international leading automation equipment factory, specialized produce various new concept of new high-tech health equipments. Its core products includes sophisticated equipment, such as "food cold sterilization system", "drug cold sterilization system", "super energy induction system", "super energy two-way transmission system", "health entertainment system", etc. The strong technical force and excellent new product development ability ensure that the factory's technical level is first-class in the world.

"Food cold sterilization system" is the best solution of sterilization for the hot effect food, "Drug cold sterilization system" is the best solution of sterilization for the hot effect of drug. It is widely welcomed by many food processing enterprise and pharmaceutical enterprise. "Super energy induction system" and "super energy two-way transmission system" is the most advanced technology research crystallization, not only independent application effect is good, also combines with a variety of other auxiliary equipment to use, get more good effect.

"Healthy entertainment system" is the only healthy entertainment equipment which is combined with health and entertainment in the world, put health in entertainment, get health in the process of entertainment, is welcomed by customers in health field.

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